Power Your community


Give yourself moments of pleasure while at work

For yourself, among your team

  • Joy

  • Cohesion

  • Sharing

  • Fun

Give yourself moments of pleasure while at work

Unique rituals at any moment of the day

  • For yourself

    A personal and guilty pleasure, out of sight

  • Among your team

    A team breakfast to share a gourmet moment

  • For the company

    A celebration? An event? Or simply coming together.

A Super App

  • 4,9/5 for thousands of users : the favorite App

  • New rituals to unblock

  • All you preferred products cheaper then the neighbour shop

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  • Google Play
A Super App

Make people want to come to the office

Have access to a break room with a coffee machine and a selection of hot drinks throughout the day. Use your meal vouchers, find a meal, go out shopping or have it delivered.

The office cannot compete with the comfort, convenience and freedom of being at home.

Vital minimum
Level 1

Vital minimum

Have access to a shop at the heart of the office throughout the day.

Everything an employee's wants or needs at his/her fingertips.

The employee gets a better office experience.

Practical, healthy and good
Level 2

Practical, healthy and good

The employee receives rituals at key moments of the day to enjoy more social moments with colleagues at a mini price.

The employee interacts more with the office?? and his colleagues and gets a positive experience

Social and committed rituals
Level 3

Social and committed rituals

Beside the different rituals offered by TOTEM, the employee benefits from the rituals created by his company

Thanks to the TOTEM application, the company can: communicate its values in a simple and playful way, raise awareness among its employees, bring them together for social breaks...

The company provides employees with an engaging workplace experience.

The ultimate office experience
Level 4

The ultimate office experience